Non-Surgical Root Canals in Henderson NV

As part of our full array of dental services for patients in Henderson and surrounding areas, Dr. Ghim performs non-surgical root canals. A root canal is a conservative treatment option to save a tooth and preserve your smile. Dr. Ghim utilizes advanced techniques to make root canal therapy a positive, successful experience!

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A root canal targets and eliminates infection deep inside a tooth. Each tooth contains pulp with canals that lead to the tooth root. Repeated dental procedures, deep decay, fracture, or other dental trauma can make these canals susceptible to infection. Pain, pressure, and swelling can result as the infection progresses. Left untreated, tooth loss may occur.

Dr. Ghim removes the infected matter from a compromised tooth, fills the canals with a biocompatible sealer, then renews the form and function of the tooth with a custom crown or other restorative dentistry treatment. The result is a renewed tooth for a healthy smile.

Get ready for the smile of your life! Call Black Mountain Dental today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ghim. Our full-service dental office serves Henderson and surrounding areas with complete care for incomparable smiles.