Dr. Ghim of Black Mountain Dental is a general and family dentist offering a full range of services to address the needs of smiles of all ages! By offering comprehensive dentistry in Henderson, Dr. Ghim eliminates the need for you to drive from office to office, filling out the same paperwork, and taking up precious time. Instead, everyone in your family – you, your children, and your parents – can receive the service and care they deserve in one location.

From Kids to Seniors – and Everyone in Between!

Our children’s dentistry program gets kids started on the right path. It introduces them to healthy oral care and helps promote lifelong attention to teeth and gums. Henderson NV Dentist, Dr. Ghim likes to see kids for a first dental visit when they reach age 3, or earlier if you notice any problems with dental development.

Family Dentistry

Checkups and cleanings are cornerstones of preventive dentistry. At your 6-month exam, Dr. Ghim will check your teeth for decay, perform an oral cancer screening, evaluate the health of your gums, and look for anything that might cause a problem down the road. Prioritizing oral healthcare is good for your smile and your overall wellbeing. Gum disease has been linked to whole-body health complications – including heart disease, stroke, dementia, low-birth weight, and more – and is a leading cause of tooth loss. Addressing problems in the early stage – or preventing them entirely – can pay off for you now and later.

A Focus on You

From preventive care to cosmetic treatments to restorative dentistry, we’ve got what your family needs to enjoy beautiful smiles and lifelong oral health.

Get ready for the smile of your life! Call Black Mountain Dental today to schedule an appointment with Henderson NV Dentist Dr. Ghim. Our full-service dental office serves Henderson and surrounding areas with complete care for incomparable smiles.