CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns

CEREC Same-Day Dental CrownsOur team is committed to providing you with the finest dental care possible, but we also respect your time and care about your comfort. We are pleased to offer beautiful CEREC same-day dental crowns to address your restorative needs with more speed, efficiency and comfort than ever before.

Enjoy the Convenience of Same-Day Crowns

Historically, the procedure for a dental crown has required at least two dental visits—one appointment for prepping the tooth, taking dental impressions, and creating a temporary crown, and a separate appointment after a 3 week waiting period for the placement of the permanent crown. Much of the waiting period is due to the processing time which is controlled by an off-site dental lab. With our on-site CEREC crown fabrication technology, the waiting period has been completely eliminated, and your crown procedure can be started and completed by an experienced Henderson dentist in the very same day!

High-Quality Dental Materials

With CEREC crown fabrication technology, we can produce immediate dental crowns without compromising our high-standards. For your perfect crown, we’ll select a tooth-colored porcelain material that matches the shade of your natural teeth. Our porcelain crowns are incredibly strong, natural-looking, and completely metal-free. At the end of your appointment, you’ll be walking away with a fully restored tooth that feels, functions, and looks perfectly natural.

Same-Day Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental crowns are designed to strengthen and restore the teeth, but crowns also offer many beautiful cosmetic advantages. In a day, our team can use beautiful CEREC porcelain crowns or veneers to revitalize teeth that are uneven, discolored, chipped, or broken. Your smile says so much about you. With CEREC crowns, we can help to ensure that your smile is conveying the right message.

Is a Same-Day Crown Right for You?

Our metal free materials will resemble your natural enamel to produce the high-quality restoration that you deserve—in just one day! If you’d like to speak with a Henderson dentist about transforming your smile with technology that doesn’t impose on your busy lifestyle, contact our team to schedule a consultation today.