Wine, Cheese, and …Water?

Red wine is notorious for staining your teeth due to its dark pigmentation and its acidic content. If you enjoy a glass or two in the evening, then you have probably discussed the risk for staining and your options for teeth whitening in Henderson NV.

During your discussion with your dentist, you might be surprised to learn that red wine isn’t the only troublemaker when it comes to staining the teeth. Certain white wines also contain high levels of acid which can cause some damage to the enamel. For a brief period of time following the consumption of acid beverages like wine, the surface of the teeth becomes weakened and more vulnerable to staining.

Brushing right away isn’t typically a convenient solution, since wine is often enjoyed in social settings, and the softened surface of the enamel is more susceptible to erosion during this time anyway. Fortunately, the components that make up your saliva can eventually remineralize the surface of the teeth. However, if you tend to have dry mouth, or you if are enjoying wine over the course of a long evening, you might need to employ a backup plan for neutralizing those harmful acids.

Chasing your wine with a few sips of water is the best way to flush away acids and stop the process of demineralization. Plus, some studies suggest that dark pigments can penetrate the enamel in just 30 seconds, so drinking water serves as a great stain-fighting weapon too.

Foods that are rich sources of calcium, such as cheese will help to neutralize acids when consumed after a glass of wine. It would be a boring and bland world if we were forced to avoid all of the foods and beverages that could weaken or stain our teeth, but we can certainly make ourselves aware of these risks. Doing so helps us to modify our behavior and develop strategies that will reduce the negative impact of our choices.

You can enjoy a glass of wine and maintain a terrific smile by consulting your Henderson NV dentist today.