Why Should You Replace Missing Teeth?

Living with tooth loss is like trying to climb up a slippery slope. Without professional help from your dentist in Henderson, NV you’ll continue to lose ground until you no longer look or feel like yourself.

Most patients who are missing even one natural tooth find that their eating choices become altered immediately. Their appearance is impacted by the presence of gaps and spaces in the smile. With the natural process of bone loss, the appearance continues to change due to decreasing support for the facial features. Even the speech pattern tends to change as the lips and tongue try to adjust to the empty space.

Just like trying to climb that slippery slope, you need the right tools to get back on track. Replacing the missing teeth with dental implants gives you the best chance at getting the results that you seek. You can put a halt to the consequences of tooth loss, and move forward with a solution that you can trust.

No other tooth replacement is as effective, comfortable, and attractive as an implant. In fact, options like dentures and bridges can replace your chewing surface, but can’t prevent bone loss and don’t feel quite as stable as a real tooth. These details are critical to your long-term satisfaction with your tooth replacement. Ideally, the solution that most closely mimics the natural tooth is the one that most patients find particularly appealing.

Since an implant is anatomically structured very much like a real tooth, it not only replaces the chewing surface, but also extends into the bone for proper stability. The portion of the implant that anchors to the bone, called the post, functions just like a natural tooth root. It stimulates the bone to prevent bone loss, and it can absorb the forces that are generated as you bite or chew.

If it’s your desire to restore the balance and integrity of your smile, contact your Henderson, NV dentist today to learn more about your options.