Why Live with a Smile That You Don’t Love?

Covering MouthIf you are interested in maintaining a stable and healthy smile for the rest of your life, then you have probably adopted the habit of making sure that you make an appointment to have your teeth cleaned and examined by a dentist at least every 6 months. You cross your fingers and hope that the dentist doesn’t find anything “wrong” and then you hustle back out into the world to carry on with your life.

A Missed Opportunity

Your routine 6-month dental appointments are typically focused on what the dentist thinks is wrong with your teeth, but your dentist also wants to hear about your feelings. What do you think about your smile? How do you feel about yourself as you walk around Henderson, working and socializing amongst your friends and neighbors? What would you change about your oral health or your smile if you could?

Would you like to have healthier gums or whiter teeth? Do you wish that your teeth were straighter or that your fillings looked better?

If You Don’t Love Your Smile, Why Not Change It?

Anything is possible when it comes to improving your smile, and today’s smile solutions are not always cosmetic or superficial in nature. Procedures such as white fillings, ceramic crowns, and porcelain veneers may be attractive-looking, but they also add significant strength to your teeth.

Other options like gumline contouring, teeth whitening, and Invisalign are easier and more affordable than you might have imagined.

Make It Happen

Once you have decided that you would like to have a nicer smile, you can sit down with the dentist to explore your treatment alternatives and funding options. Dental insurance, Health Savings Accounts, and third party lenders can make your treatment goals attainable so that your new smile can become a reality—not just a wish.

Learn more about getting the smile that you want by calling to schedule a dental appointment today.