Why Do Adults Get Cavities?

Tooth decay at any age is never fun, but, as a child, cavities are somewhat understandable. For some reason, tooth decay during the adult years seems to be especially frustrating and somewhat annoying. Though you may be a mature adult, you’re never too old for cavities.

You would be surprised to know that a large percentage of adults are diagnosed with tooth decay every day. The causes of adult tooth decay are numerous, but with the help of your dentist in Henderson, NV, you can fight it.

Your dentist plays an important role in diagnosing decay and then helping you to find both the cause as well as the solution.

  • Floss once each day. A great deal of cavities start between the teeth, beyond the reach of your toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Be aware of cavity-causing foods. Aside from pure sugar, tooth decay can be triggered by virtually any carbohydrate such as breads, chips, pasta, fruit juice, flavored coffees, and breath mints. Each exposure to carbs can trigger a 20 minute acid attack on your teeth. Patients who sip drinks or snack on carbs throughout the day may be under constant attack!
  • Think about dry mouth. Without adequate saliva flow, tooth decay can accelerate quickly. Hundreds of medications, including OTC allergy drugs, can contribute to dry mouth and tooth decay. Also, patients who tend to breathe through the mouth (day or night) may be at an increased risk for decay.
  • Remember your family history. The bacteria that are responsible for tooth decay can be hereditary. If so, you may have a natural tendency to develop cavities. They can still be prevented, but you may need to take extra precautions!
  • Fluoride isn’t just for kids. An over-the-counter fluoride or anti-cavity mouth rinse should be used daily. If you are at an increased risk a prescription fluoride supplement may be recommended. At each dental visit, adults can receive the same professional-strength fluoride that is offered to children for added protection.

Working together, we can find the best method for fighting tooth decay and protecting your health. To keep the lines of communication open contact your Henderson, NV dentist today.