When Should My Wisdom Teeth be Removed?

The decision to have your wisdom teeth extracted is often a simple matter of risk analysis. If the risk of preserving the wisdom teeth outweighs their cumulative benefit to your health, your Henderson cosmetic dentist may recommend removing them.

In modern anatomy, the third molars are of little use. In comparison, the first and second molars are critical to our ability to chew. These molars also create the attractive contours for our facial features. Sometimes, by saving the wisdom teeth, we tend to sacrifice the health of the neighboring teeth.

A poorly angled or partially erupted wisdom tooth creates an instant food and plaque trap that can lead to cavities and gum disease. The space around the wisdom teeth can be tough to access with normal brushing and flossing. The result is chronic infection and inflammation that can not only spread to the neighboring teeth, but also compromise your immune system.

By failing to address this condition, patients may notice an increase in pain, swelling, and bad breath. The onset of these symptoms is virtually impossible to predict, and may occur gradually or very rapidly.

Unfortunately, even without noticeable symptoms, the wisdom teeth can cause hidden damage to your health. Impacted or in erupted wisdom teeth are likely to promote the development of cysts, damage to the jawbone, and irreversible damage to the roots of the adjacent teeth.

Your dentist in Henderson, NV will monitor your wisdom teeth for any signs of potential disease. If the wisdom teeth are found to pose a reasonable risk to your general or oral health, the possibility of extraction will be discussed. Scheduling your treatment right away will help to prevent the inconvenience of unnecessary damage and discomfort.

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