When Dentists Go Digital, Everyone Wins

Anyone in Henderson who has ever suffered a broken or cracked tooth can tell you why they usually dread going to the dentist to have a crown made—the materials are messy, the impressions make you gag, the x-rays pinch your gums, and you always have to come back for a second or third appointment. As more and more dentists are going digital, these problems can be eliminated and it’s a winning situation for everyone involved.

Digital X-Rays

The sharp edges and discomfort of traditional x-ray equipment has been replaced with a more comfortable digital sensor. Images of the teeth and bones can be captured quickly, with less radiation, no chemicals, and greater clarity. These devices are well tolerated, even by the most sensitive dental patient, and more efficient for the dentist.

Same-Day Dental Crowns

cerec_henderson_nvWith in-office, computer-assisted technology, you can have a permanent dental crown created and cemented into place in a single dental appointment. Traditionally, it has been necessary to make a model or a mold of the tooth, send it to a dental laboratory, have a temporary crown made, wait two weeks for the finished crown, and return to the dental office to have the temporary crown removed and the new crown cemented into place. Digital technology streamlines the entire process to improve the dentist’s efficiency and your comfort.

Based upon information received from a digital scan of the mouth, a 3-D image of your tooth is produced on a computer monitor.  The dentist will immediately design a virtual dental crown with the assistance of computerized software. When the virtual restoration is complete, the image will be sent to an on-site “milling” machine which carves your crown out of a ceramic block. In less than 2 hours, the crown can be milled, polished, and permanently bonded to your tooth.

Digital dentistry has arrived in Henderson dental offices and it’s a winning solution for everyone. To learn more, call to schedule your appointment today.