What May Increase the Risk of Tooth Decay

Cosmetic-Dentist-in-Henderson-NV-Tooth-DecayTooth decay, or dental caries, is one of the most common diseases in the world. If you are especially prone to tooth decay, your cosmetic dentist in Henderson NV can provide you with solutions to help you reduce your risk.  In order to lower your risk, you must first become aware of the factors that contribute to and cause tooth decay.

Poor Oral Hygiene – Most tooth decay is the result of inadequate oral hygiene.  Thoroughly brushing twice a day, along with daily flossing, removes plaque and bacteria from the teeth.  If plaque is not removed, the bacteria can begin to destroy the enamel.  The destruction of enamel is the start of tooth decay.

Poor/Improper Diet – Certain foods and drinks can lead to tooth decay.  Consuming anything that is high in carbohydrates or sugars can weaken and break down tooth enamel.  Sugar, in combination with plaque bacteria, will produce acid that can destroy enamel and cause demineralization that leads to tooth decay.  Sticky foods and candy tend to cause the most damage due to their ability to adhere to the teeth.  Soft drinks can also be very damaging to the teeth, as they contain high amounts of sugar.

Lack of Fluoride – Fluoride is known for its unique ability to strengthen teeth and enamel. The stronger the teeth become, the better they are at resisting the demineralizing actions caused by plaque, sugar and acids. Fluoride deficiency results in weak enamel, making teeth more susceptible to decaying.

Dry mouth – Saliva has the ability to naturally neutralize acids and flush away food particles.  Those who suffer from dry mouth lack sufficient saliva to wash away the plaque and bacteria residing in the mouth.    Dry mouth can be associated with certain diseases and conditions or can be a side effect of many medications.

Tobacco Products & Alcohol – Both tobacco and alcohol are very toxic to the body. Regular use of both or either of these can increase the risk of tooth decay.

If you know or suspect that you have tooth decay, your Henderson NV dentist is available restore your teeth to optimal health.