Six Month Smiles in Henderson: The Fast Track to a Terrific Smile!

6 month smilesIf you need orthodontic treatment to transform your crooked or widely spaced front teeth but don’t want to undergo a lengthy treatment time, consider Six Month Smiles®. This innovative white braces system offered by Henderson cosmetic dentist Dr. Heeyup Ghim moves the teeth that show when you smile into their ideal arrangement. The best part? This short-term orthodontic solution works fast. In six month, you could have the smile of your life!

Good for Teens and Adults

If you’re age 15 or older, Six Month Smiles may be a good choice for you. The ideal candidate has good bite alignment but wants to reposition crooked, crowded, or widely spaced front teeth. The unobtrusive appearance of Six Month Smiles white braces makes it a great option for image-conscious teens and adults who want others to notice their smile, not their braces.

So Many Benefits

Six Month Smiles from Black Mountain Dental in Henderson use unobtrusive brackets and wires to gently, yet quickly, move teeth. You’ll enjoy the comfort and convenience of this popular short-term orthodontic method. Other benefits include:

  • Economical cost – Six Month Smiles offers a cost-effective solution to beautify your smile.
  • Proven methodology – The science behind Six Month Smiles utilizes the tooth movement principles as traditional braces.
  • Increased comfort – Light pressure results in gentle tooth movement.
  • Discreet appearance – White braces blend in with your smile.
  • And did we mention fast treatment time?!

Get Started Today!

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