Professional Teeth Whitening in Henderson NV for a Great Smile Today

It would be difficult to find someone who doesn’t want a whiter smile. College students, business executives, retirees, and Hollywood stars alike adore the look of a sparkling smile, and most feel that it’s a simple pleasure that shouldn’t be denied.

With modern professional teeth whitening solutions, you can certainly attain your goals with a little professional help. As a Henderson NV teeth whitening expert, your dentist knows that every smile can’t be whitened in the same way, though, so it’s best to schedule a personal consultation in order to educate yourself on today’s top bleaching options.

In-office whitening produces quite a dramatic result in only about two hours. In the controlled environment of the dental office, a highly concentrated bleaching gel can be applied to the teeth and then activated to improve your smile by several shades. It’s a process that chemically whitens the enamel and, when administered by a dental professional, is safe for your gum tissue.

Professional same-day teeth whitening also comes with the additional convenience of timeliness. If you would like to flaunt your whiter smile today, or if a special event is looming, you’d most likely appreciate a convenient and predictable solution for your cosmetic concerns. It is certainly more practical and less stressful than the gamble of a drugstore DIY whitening kit.

The in-office whitening procedure can be modified and personalized in a manner that is perfect for you. Your bleaching session may be shorter or longer, depending upon the result that you wish to achieve, or you may opt to only bleach certain teeth to coincide with a related cosmetic procedure.

Once you have invested in the professional whitening method of your choice, it is often recommended that you maintain your pearly whites with a take-home whitening product that includes custom bleaching trays. According to your dentist’s specifications, you will be able to use the trays and a lower concentration of whitening gel at home periodically to combat new stains.

Reserve an appointment today for more information about the teeth whitening option that is recommended by your dentist in Henderson NV.