Olympic Dental Problems No Surprise for Henderson NV Dentist

OlympicAthleteIntense physical pressure, pure grit and determination, unlimited energy drinks, frequent meals, sticky and crunchy protein bars, and dehydration—these are common ingredients for Olympic athletes. These are the tried and true staples for an elite physical performance but they are certainly not likely to contribute to a healthy smile. In fact, they are more likely to land you in the chair of a Henderson NV dentist.

In fact, a recent article on www.ESPN.go.com highlighted the extraordinary dental problems that have plagued Olympic athletes for years. For these athletes, infections, pain, gum disease, and broken teeth are so prevalent that officials have included plans for a fully-staffed dental facility at the upcoming 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic village.

Poor dental health and pain has been shown to dramatically decrease an athlete’s ability to perform during the very highlight of their athletic careers. The Associated Press recently released a little known sports history fact, stating that basketball superhero Michael Jordon was forced to withdraw from an Olympic basketball contest in 1984 due to a “severe dental problem.” The details of his condition have remained confidential, but his story is certainly not unique. An abscessed wisdom tooth nearly prevented British rower Alan Campbell from competing during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

An incredible number of world-class athletes are troubled by the same dental problems that challenge the rest of the population. Busy or stressful lifestyles, long hours, sweetened or acidic beverages, and poor oral hygiene habits have destroyed the teeth of the world’s most celebrated athletes.

These dental problems extend far beyond a bad toothache or swollen gums. Many Olympic hopefuls have had teeth knocked out without the protection of a proper-fitting mouthguard, while others are waking up with sore jaws and headaches as a result of nighttime clenching and grinding.

Whether you’ve got Olympic-sized dreams or you’re a dedicated Weekend Warrior, your oral health is essential to your ability to perform. If your training regimen doesn’t include a Henderson NV dentist, call to schedule an appointment today.