How to Maximize Year-End Dental Benefits

Dental benefitsAt the end of the year, we like to say “Out with the old and in with the new.” When it comes to your annual dental benefits, that saying couldn’t be more accurate. Every December, dentists in Henderson are swarmed with patients who want to maximize their remaining dental insurance benefits before we ring in the New Year. That’s because the average dental insurance plan rolls over on January 1, and any unused benefits from the previous calendar year are forfeited. To make the most of your plan this year and maximize your benefits, consider these tips:

  • Find out when your benefit year ends. Most plans end on December 31, but there are many plans that rollover in July or October. Making the most of your plan means understanding the start and end dates for each cycle.
  • Have you met your deductible? Most dental insurance deductibles range from about $50-100. This is the amount that you must pay out of pocket before your plan begins covering things like fillings and crowns. If you’ve already paid that amount this year, then you’ll only be responsible for your portion of the copay until the benefit year ends.
  • Check your annual maximum benefit. Each year, your insurance plan will contribute a specific amount of money towards your dental care. This can range from $1000-2500, although many patients allow this money to go unused each year. If you’ve only used $500 in benefits this year, the remaining $500-2000 will be forfeited when the clock strikes midnight. That’s wasted money that can never be regained.
  • Review your treatment plan. Contact the dental office to find out if you have any unscheduled treatment. You can use your remaining benefits to cover the cost of some or all of your remaining treatment.

Managing your dental insurance benefits can be a little confusing, but it begins to make more sense as you become more familiar with your particular plan. For help or to schedule an appointment, contact a dentist in Henderson today.