Look beyond the Belly for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time in your life when you may be on your best behavior when it comes to keeping doctor’s appointments, eating right, and getting enough exercise and sleep. However, many expectant mothers fail to recognize the importance of regular dental care during this time in their lives. They may feel that dental problems are normal during this time or they may fear that prenatal dental care could threaten their unborn baby’s safety.

The truth is that dental problems can certainly be avoided and prevented, even during pregnancy. Also, most necessary dental procedures can be safely performed on pregnant patients, including cleaning, fillings, and extractions. In this phase of your life, the team at your Henderson NV dental office can provide the education, care, and support to ensure that your little one arrives safely.

Inflammation of the gums can be a particularly common challenge for pregnant patients. The problem can be induced by an increase in hormones and aggravated by plaque buildup. The experts in the dental office are prepared to deal with the challenges and provide you with strategies for overcoming them. You may find that you can benefit from tips on improving your self-care, nutritional advice, and information regarding the dental services that are safe for you and your baby.

The importance of prenatal oral health cannot be overstated, and your support group can never be too large. Your dentist and hygienist can collaborate with your obstetrician to develop a health and oral hygiene regimen that is just right for you.

Utilize the months leading up to your baby’s birth to make informed decisions, dispel frightening myths, and form healthy lifestyle habits. Take advantage of your dental appointments as they are opportunities to bolster your oral health and improve your systemic health.

To get up-to-date facts and education about pre- and post-natal oral health, call to schedule your Henderson NV dental appointment today.