Is Your Sports Drink Causing Cavities?

cosmetic-dentist-in-henderson-nvSports drinks have become a big part of our culture here in America. We use them to help us stay hydrated and give us electrolytes while we exercise. They are a tasty alternative to water and they are marketed to us as a healthy choice, but it’s important to understand how these beverages can affect your teeth. These drinks do have sugar and also many contain acids, ingredients which can have a seriously negative effect on our teeth. Your cosmetic dentist in Henderson NV wants to help you understand how to protect yourself from cavities caused by sports drinks and other sweetened beverages.

One of the big reasons that sports drinks can cause tooth decay is because of frequency. When we are playing sports or working out, we tend to sip on sports drinks throughout the activity. When we are sipping on any drink with acids or sugar it takes 20 minutes after each sip for the acids to stop attacking our teeth. As you enjoy these drinks over several hours, you should be mindful of the acidic environment that is being created. This prevents your saliva from naturally re-mineralizing your teeth and causes tooth decay. Drinking your sports drink within just a few moments and sipping only water can fix this problem.

Another risk with sports drinks is the combination of sugar and acids. Most drinks contain one or the other and they can be damaging enough on their own. The combination of both is like a double attack on your teeth. The bacteria in our mouths go into a frenzy, speeding up the process of tooth decay and weakening the enamel. Sports drinks can be helpful at keeping you hydrated, but we have to consider at what cost. Your dentist can give you tips on alternatives to sports drinks and healthy, safe ways to stay hydrated.

Just remember water is a great choice for an active lifestyle and it will also keep your teeth healthy. If you choose to enjoy sports drinks, talk to your Henderson NV cosmetic dentist today about protecting your teeth from their harmful effects.