Improve Your Oral Health with a Henderson NV Dentist and a Smartphone

Smart Phone User There’s no substitute for a living, breathing Henderson NV dentist when it comes to the health of your teeth, but modern technology offers a number of cool tools to keep you on track between dental visits. Take a look at these affordable (or free) smartphone apps that can help you to make your oral health and your physical well-being a top priority:

  • Stop Smoking Cigarettes Now – a smartphone app that tracks your cravings and motivates you to set goals that will help you quit smoking for good.
  • MyFitnessPal – this smart app keeps track of your food, calories, and activity level to help meet your weight loss goals. This app also encourages social support by allowing you to share your daily progress with friends.
  • MyPlate Tracker – this app is linked to enables you to track your food intake with each meal and then offers suggestions to keep your diet balanced throughout the day based in accordance with your recommended daily allowances.
  • On Track with the Right Mix – a free app that enables you to track and monitor your alcohol consumption during a specified timeframe, while educating you about the ways that alcoholic beverages can impact your current and future health.
  • Sleep Cycle – this free app not only monitors your sleep patterns, but it features an intuitive alarm clock that wakes you gently during your lightest sleep cycle rather than jolting you awake during a deeper sleep. The app is also designed to encourage and promote a healthier sleep pattern for each user.

When you make healthy lifestyle choices, your decisions are good for your body as well as your oral health. That’s why smoking, an unbalanced diet, chronic stress, and lack of sleep can lead to unwanted dental problems. Talk to a dentist in Henderson NV today about using smartphone technology to remain healthy and smiling.