Could a Henderson NV Dentist Save Your Marriage?

Snoring SmWhen you sleep alone, you don’t have to worry about offending anyone with your tossing, turning, sleep-talking, or snoring. However, if you are married, your spouse will certainly bring these night-time habits to your attention. In fact, it is the spouse who often brings a serious problem like sleep apnea to light. The disruptive snoring, gasping, and gurgling sounds can turn a pleasant night into a nightmare. Fortunately, you can speak to a dentist in Henderson NV about snoring and sleep apnea for a solution that can keep the peace at bedtime.

There are several options for the treatment of sleep apnea, according to the severity of the condition as well as the current state of your health. Some cases of sleep apnea must be controlled with the use of a CPAP machine which utilizes a facemask and tubing to maintain an open airway with a gentle but steady stream of oxygen throughout the night.

Many patients can also find relief for their mild-to-moderate sleep apnea through the use of a simple oral appliance. Without a facemask, tubing, or a machine, an oral appliance positions the jaw and tongue in such a way as to keep the airway from being obstructed. The custom-fitted mouthpiece keeps the jaw gently pulled forward while preventing the tongue from falling back to block the opening to the throat as you sleep.

The performance of the oral appliance can be evaluated in a sleep study which must be prescribed by your physician. You should also bring your mouthpiece to each of your dental appointments (even a cleaning) for periodic evaluations and adjustments.

Your sleep apnea may be more disruptive than you might first believe—to your own health and the health of your marriage! As you begin to treat the condition, you will both awake in the morning to feel more rested, and you might notice that many of your other health conditions could begin to improve. For the sake of your own health and that of your marriage, contact a dentist in Henderson NV to discuss your sleep apnea today.