Henderson NV Dentist Gets Your Smile Back on Track

Worried Man It’s probably something that you don’t think much about when you consider your oral health, but your upper and lower jaws are connected and controlled by an intricate network of muscles. Dozens of muscles are responsible for your ability to chew, to open and close, to swallow, and even to smile. When the alignment of the jaws is unbalanced, those muscles are unable to perform their jobs properly, and that’s a problem that can have a serious impact on your health.

Fortunately, you can receive treatment from a Henderson NV dentist for the various neuromuscular disorders that can arise from poor jaw alignment. Beyond the teeth and the gums, there are other aspects of dentistry that are also related to your overall health. Neuromuscular dentistry highlights the relationships between the muscles, nerves, and jaws to create balance and improve your oral health.

When the upper and lower jaws are working together in harmony, the teeth fit together evenly, and the muscles produce a consistent level of force. If the jaw alignment is off-balance, the muscles are forced to work harder, shifting the jaw joint and creating stress. This unhealthy chain reaction will occur each time that the teeth are forced to come together for chewing or speaking. Studies show that this can take place as many as 2,400 times each day!

What are the Signs of a Neuromuscular Disorder?

  • Frequent headaches
  • Damaged teeth
  • Damaged jaw joint
  • Bruxism (clenching and grinding of the teeth)
  • Pain in the shoulders and/or the neck
  • Tinnitus or ringing in one or both ears

With a detailed examination, a dentist can recommend a customized treatment strategy for addressing your jaw and muscle problems.

The most common treatment strategies include:

  • An orthotic bite appliance
  • Orthodontic intervention
  • Tooth replacement
  • Custom veneers and/or crowns

To learn more about a multifaceted approach to your neuromuscular disorder, contact a dentist in Henderson NV today.