Henderson NV Dental Advice for Taking Care of your Parent’s Teeth

elderly person teethAt some point in your lifetime, you may be called upon to care for the oral health of an elderly person. Your parents or grandparents may require your assistance, or your career path could provide you with an opportunity to help someone. It’s during the later years in life that many adults struggle to care for themselves and they may be hesitant to admit that they are also having trouble taking care of their mouths.

Take a moment to review this simple and valuable advice on caring for an elderly person’s teeth in order to be of greater service to someone who needs your help.

  • Schedule regular dental checkups, even if there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

  • Brushing and flossing every day are the first line of defense against most dental disease. The senior citizen in your life may need gentle, daily reminders.

  • If additional help is required for brushing or flossing, ask a dental professional for tips and support. Modified toothbrush handles, flossing tools, waterpicks, and even magnified makeup mirrors can help a senior to maintain independence over their personal hygiene.

  • Ask about the condition of dental appliances such as dentures or partials if an elderly person appears to have trouble eating. Many removable appliances can be permanently replaced with dental implants for greater stability and more comfort without denture glue.

  • Remember the link between dental diseases and the immune system. Oral bacteria have been found to increase the risk for pneumonia and a host of systemic illness such as diabetic complications and heart disease.

Recruit the help of a caring dentist in Henderson NV today for more advice on providing assistance with oral hygiene for the senior citizen in your life. Your participation goes a long way towards keeping someone else’s smile beautiful, a good deed that should give you another reason to smile as well.