Henderson NV Dental Advice for Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

It’s practically impossible to predict the exact time that your wisdom teeth will need to be removed. In some cases they might need to be removed around the age of 18, in other cases it could be closer to age 21, and for a small percentage of patients, the wisdom teeth will not require removal at all.

wisdom teeth removal henderson nvWith such unpredictable statistics, the smart choice is to schedule routine dental visits for regular monitoring of your wisdom teeth. Regular dental exams and x-rays will help your dentist to recommend that these teeth be extracted when the time is right. Each dental examination provides a valuable opportunity to determine whether this last set of molars will have enough space to grow in normally.

In accordance with the American Dental Association, these warning signs can indicate that the time has come to remove the wisdom teeth:

  • Pain or discomfort– Unhealthy wisdom teeth can trigger throbbing pain, stabbing pain, or general discomfort that makes chewing and speaking more difficult. This pain may also trigger jaw pain, ear aches, and non-specific toothache pain.

  • Infection– When bacteria become trapped around a wisdom tooth that appears to be stuck halfway through the gums a chronic, low-grade infection can develop. Symptoms include fever, chills, nausea, and a weaker immune system.

  • Cysts – Fluid-filled cysts and bony cysts can occur in the space surrounding the wisdom teeth. These lesions can grow to cause extensive nerve and jawbone destruction when left untreated.

  • Damage to adjacent teeth– A tilted or rotated third molar is likely to press against the neighboring tooth, causing root damage and deep cavities. Unless these problems are identified and addressed early, extensive treatments may be required to correct the damage.

  • Gum disease and tooth decay– Even your best efforts may not be enough to keep a wisdom tooth clean. It’s in an area that’s hard to reach, and the remaining plaque bacteria can easily cause cavities and gum disease that could spread to your other healthy teeth.

Don’t ignore the consequences of unhealthy wisdom teeth. Your true risk can only be calculated in the office of a Henderson NV dentist. Call for your evaluation today.