Enjoy the Natural Look of All-Ceramic Crowns

Henderson-NV-DentistDental crowns are a great option for restoring broken, chipped or severely broken down teeth. They can
also be used to improve the appearance of your smile. But don’t expect an old fashioned gold or metal
crown to give you the aesthetic look that you desire. Only modern all-ceramic crowns are designed to
look exactly like real teeth.

Your Henderson NV cosmetic dentist is an expert at providing you with esthetically pleasing all-ceramic
dental crowns that perfectly match your remaining natural teeth.

All-ceramic crowns are only made of one material – a highly durable grade of ceramic. Other common
types of crowns are made of gold, porcelain or ceramic fused to metal. The underlying silver metal
can often shine through the teeth and cause them to have a gray appearance. It is also common for
these types of crowns to leave a dark gray or black line near the gum line of the crown, a somewhat
unattractive characteristic. Since no metals are used in all-ceramic crowns, there is no discoloration.

All-ceramic crowns mimic natural teeth in that they reflect and transmit light in the same manner. This
results in a natural appearance and the crown blends nicely to match the surrounding teeth. Crowns
that are fused to metal do not have the ability to transmit light, giving them a thicker, dull look.

Another advantage of all-ceramic crowns is that they are made from a bio-compatible material. This decreases the risk of dental sensitivity and adverse reactions from the gum tissue. Metal crowns tend to conduct heat or cold and cause teeth to have increased sensitivity, and some patients are known to have a metal allergy. Using ceramic instead of metal lowers the risk of this occurring. The gum tissue adjacent to other types of crowns has the tendency to have a puffy or blue appearance. However, with all-ceramic crowns, the gums tend to keep their natural healthy look.

To improve your smile with all ceramic crowns, or to replace your older, less appealing crowns, contact your cosmetic dentist in Henderson NV today and get the beautiful smile that you deserve.