Dr. Ghim Relieves Tooth Pain with Non-Surgical Root Canals

Severe tooth pain (especially when you chew or apply pressure to a tooth), sore or swollen gums, or a pimple-like bump on your gumline signal a problem with a tooth. The best course of action to restore good oral health may be a root canal. But there’s no reason to dread this much-maligned dental procedure.  Dr. Heeyup Ghim restores internally damaged teeth with comfortable – yes, comfortable – non-surgical root canal therapy.

Isn’t there another way?

Well, you could let your damaged tooth go untreated, have it extracted, and then replace it with a prosthetic. At Black Mountain Dental, we don’t recommend ignoring tooth or mouth pain. Dr. Ghim provides conservative, proactive treatment to eradicate dental discomfort and restore teeth to good health.

Why is a root canal considered a conservative treatment option?

Because it can preserve your tooth and eliminate the need for extraction and replacement with a man-made tooth.

What do I need a root canal?

When bacteria invades the canals that lead from the tooth to the root, infection can occur. The infection can be caused by deep decay, repeated dental procedure on a tooth, a fracture, or some other event that compromises the tooth. Left untreated, the root – and the tooth – can die.

What happens during a root canal?

When you arrive for your root canal appointment at Black Mountain Dental, we’ll make sure that you’re comfortable and at ease. Henderson dentist Dr. Ghim will remove the infected material, seal the canals of the tooth, and then renew the outer tooth structure with a dental crown or other restorative dentistry treatment. The use of modern tools and techniques, combined with Dr. Ghim’s skill and expertise in performing non-surgical root canals, results in a comfortable experience with a positive outcome.

Don’t ignore tooth or mouth pain. Call Black Mountain Dental today to schedule an appointment.