Do I Need a Bridge?

The majority of dental patients will seek some form of dental treatment throughout their lifetime.  Sometimes it may seem a bit overwhelming and maybe even frightening.  Understanding why a specific treatment has been recommended for you can help reduce those fears.  If you are missing one or more natural teeth, your Henderson NV dentist will likely recommend a bridge.

Before you are able to determine if a bridge is right for you, you must first have some basic knowledge on how a bridge works. A bridge is a non-removable prosthodontic.  A bridge is composed of anchor teeth referred to as abutments.  It is also composed of one or more replacement teeth referred to as pontics.  Abutment teeth may be natural teeth or dental implants, which provide great support for the pontic(s).  In most cases the crowns are fabricated as one unit.

Dental bridges can improve your appearance, provide a complete biting surface, or simply close a space between the teeth.  If a decayed tooth or otherwise damaged tooth cannot be restored, it may be extracted and the vacant space restored with a bridge.  The bridge would allow for the patient to chew comfortably and possibly improve esthetics.

A fixed (or permanent) dental bridge is an effective method for preventing the remaining teeth from drifting out of their proper positions. By restoring the complete biting surface, the teeth will once again be able to come together properly during chewing and they’ll be less likely to shift or become crowded.

A bridge may be proposed as treatment for you based on your specific dental needs.  Your dentist in Henderson, NV has your best interests in mind.  Remember that bridges can serve multiple purposes.  They are an ideal solution for addressing severely decayed tooth, spacing concerns, or diminished chewing capacity due to lack of supporting teeth.  Bridges will require daily maintenance on your part, but can improve your oral health and self- esteem.

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