Digital X-ray Safety

If the thought of having x-rays taken brings to mind images of thyroid cancer or an extra eyeball growing from your forehead, speaking to your Henderson, NV dentist may help you to relax. Dental x-rays are a valuable resource and can provide a wealth of information about your health. Still, dental professionals realize that radiation is a tool that must be handled with caution and respect. That’s why there are rigorous standards and strict guidelines in place with regard to the safety and quality of dental x-rays.

Historically, every effort has been made to reduce the amount of radiation exposure necessary to produce a dental x-ray. High-speed film, focused beam x-ray tubes, carefully calibrated equipment, and lead aprons helped to trim the radiation dosage to a degree that was comparable to environmental radiation. These levels were determined to be unquestionably safe for virtually every patient when taken as needed.

With the introduction of digital radiography, the safety advantages increased significantly. The use of digital technology cuts the average radiation dosage by as much as 90%. Using an extremely sensitive digital sensor, a radiographic image can be captured with a minimal amount of radiation. That image is immediately relayed to a computer that can store and enhance the x-rays for an exceptionally detailed examination of your hard and soft tissues.

Digital x-rays also enable your dentist to practice greater environmental responsibility. Digital images reduce the waste that had been previously generated due to packaging and printing materials and developing chemicals. In a virtually paperless and waste-free process, superior x-ray images can be captured and saved using only a computer and a reusable digital sensor.

For your safety, we continue to limit your x-ray exposure as much as possible. Diagnostic x-rays will be recommended periodically, and it is safe to take more x-rays as needed on an individual basis. Lead aprons and thyroid collars are utilized regularly in order to limit your exposure to the area surrounding the teeth, gums, and jaw bones.

Your dentist in Henderson, NV has determined that the numerous benefits of digital dental x-rays tremendously outweigh the minimal risks. For a complete oral exam that is in the best interest of your health, call to schedule your appointment today.