The Details of a Dental Checkup in Henderson NV

Check-ups are as important as an oil change for your car

Dental checkups are as important as an oil change is for your car

Hopefully, regular dental checkups with Henderson NV dentist Dr. Heeyup Ghim are part of your oral healthcare regimen. You may schedule twice-yearly visits without giving much thought to the specifics of your exam. And that’s fine – the important thing is attending your appointments!

But we thought we’d take a moment to underscore the importance of dental checkups and let you know what Dr. Ghim is doing when he looks inside your mouth.

Checkups are Crucial

A checkup provides Dr. Ghim the opportunity to evaluate the status of your teeth and soft tissues and compare the state of your oral health to your most recent visit. This evaluation aids in identifying conditions that have arisen since your last checkup and monitoring conditions that are known to you and the dentist.

Early detection of cavities, jaw joint problems, bite misalignment, gum disease, and other conditions can often be addressed with economical, conservative treatments to improve oral and overall health. Waiting to do something about a dental problem may cause discomfort, cost, lost time, diminished health, and possibly even tooth loss.

Your Checkup: Step by Step

At your comprehensive dental checkup, Dr. Ghim will assess all aspects of your chewing system including:

  • A tooth-by-tooth check for decay. Dental decay can occur at any age. Diagnostic X-rays can highlight tooth decay and help Dr. Ghim prescribe appropriate treatment.
  • An evaluation of your gum tissue. Gum disease can damage teeth and bone, as well as the gum tissue holding teeth in place. In fact, gum disease is a leading cause of adult tooth loss. A dental cleaning by our hygienist can eliminate the bacteria that cause gum disease and help keep gums healthy.
  • An oral cancer screening. Dr. Ghim will look for suspicious oral lesions that require follow-up with a biopsy. Screening for oral cancer can help identify the disease in the early stage and may improve the prognosis of this stealthy and often deadly disease.
  • An assessment of jaw joint function. When the jaw joints become distressed, pain can be felt throughout the entire body. Dr. Ghim will look at how your top and bottom teeth fit together and identify the source of your jaw joint problem.

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