Increased Confidence with Dental Implants

Dental Implants Henderson NVMissing teeth can affect more than just your smile. Even a single missing tooth can leave you feeling incomplete and insecure. It can rob you of your positive outlook on life and limit your eating choices.

Of course, tooth replacement is a smart way to combat the negative consequences of tooth loss. However, choosing the appropriate tooth replacement solution may be the most important part of your decision. Rather than settling for a temporary, uncomfortable, or unattractive solution, consider speaking with your dentist in Henderson, NV about the advantages of dental implants.

Unlike any other form of tooth replacement, dental implants bear the closest resemblance to your real teeth. According to your unique needs, an implant can replace a single tooth or it may be modified to support a larger restoration such as a bridge or denture.

Soon after your implant procedure has been completed, you will begin to appreciate the beauty and confidence that permanent teeth can provide. The pleasure of smiling will be all yours and those around you will be unable to differentiate between your real teeth and your dental work.

Chewing the foods that you love will also be more pleasurable with teeth that are securely anchored to your jawbone. In addition to stabilized chewing efficiency, implants create an important dynamic in relation to the jawbone. By preventing bone loss at the site of the missing tooth, implants help to preserve the youthful contours of your face and lips.

What’s the cumulative effect of a smile that’s been restored with implants? With the help of your talented implant dentist in Henderson, NV, the answer is an effortlessly youthful appearance and an increased level of self-confidence.

Find out how you can enjoy the advantages of dental implants by calling for your appointment today.