Cosmetic Dentistry a Great Reason to Quit Smoking

NoSmokingSmIt’s a well-known fact that smoking is a tremendously difficult habit to break. We know that many smokers suffer from a strong psychological and physical addiction to cigarettes, and most will make the attempt several times before achieving success. Studies have shown that personal incentives or rewards can help smokers to resist the urge to light up. Lots of Henderson residents are finding that many of these rewards and incentives can be found in the dental office.

Smoking takes such a toll on your oral health that you’ll certainly want to schedule a complete dental exam, an oral cancer screening, and a thorough cleaning as soon as you decide to quit. However, once you have eliminated any cavities or signs of active gum disease, why not treat yourself to some of the cosmetic services that can enhance the look and feel of your smile?

You might wish to consider:

  • Professional teeth whitening/ teeth bleaching
  • Porcelain veneers
  • White fillings
  • Dental implants
  • Periodontal therapy

The advantages of treating yourself to cosmetic dental care after quitting smoking are worth considering. With teeth that are smooth, clean, and white, you definitely won’t want to ruin your results with a cigarette. For many of the most popular cosmetic procedures, smoking is strongly discouraged for another reason. Smoking can lead to the failure of an otherwise perfect dental implant and smoking can also prevent the gum tissue from healing after periodontal therapy. In fact, many dentists are hesitant to even place a dental implant on a patient who is unwilling to abstain from smoking.

Kicking the habit is a personal challenge but you should know that you are not alone in the fight. Both your dentist and your medical doctor will rally behind you to provide you with the encouragement and the support that are vital to your success. When you treat yourself to a nicer smile, it’s as though you are placing a beautiful bow on an incredible gift.

You’ll feel healthier and more attractive, and your smile will be with you every day, reminding you that you’ve made a great choice for your life. To get the ball rolling, call to schedule your dental appointment today.