Choosing a Night Guard

Night guards (also known as bite guards or occlusal guards) are recommended when bruxism is detected.  Bruxism is the act of clenching or grinding.  While some people are aware of clenching or grinding, many are not.  For the latter group, it is not until they consult with their Cosmetic Dentist in Henderson NV, and they are shown the effects of bruxism on their teeth that they become aware of the condition.

The clinical signs of bruxism may include chipped or worn teeth and fillings, exposed dentin (the layer of tooth beneath enamel), tooth mobility, and thickened areas of bone.  Signs that you may have noticed, but may not have recognized as symptoms of bruxism include headache, muscle fatigue, dental pain, and soreness in the jaw, neck or shoulders.  A night guard can be made to alleviate these symptoms and to protect the teeth and fillings from future wear.

If you are considering dental implants for the replacement of a natural tooth, a night guard may be vitally important since bruxism is a leading cause of implant failure.

Night guards are a type of plastic tray that fits directly over the teeth to prevent the upper and lower teeth from making direct contact with each other.  Some night guards are designed to prevent damage to the teeth, while others are designed to prevent muscle and joint damage from occurring.

Although these appliances can be purchased over-the-counter, the best night guards are custom-made to fit your teeth exactly by your dentist.  Because of the custom fit that can be achieved with a night guard made by your dentist, this type of appliance will provide the best protection and relief for symptoms associated with bruxism.

Your night guard can be made of hard or soft plastic and may fit over all or some of your teeth, depending upon the design that is best for your needs.  It can also be made to fit over the top teeth or the bottom teeth.  During your consultation for Dental Implants in Henderson NV, find out if you have any signs of bruxism and learn about the night guard recommendation that is right for you.

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