Bleeding Gums? Consider This

Bleeding gums Henderson NVA bit of blood in the sink during your normal brushing routine could mean that you’re scrubbing too hard with the toothbrush. Or, maybe you were a little too aggressive with your dental floss. But, consider this: Your bleeding gums could also be the warning sign of a hidden health condition that requires your attention.

If your gums are bleeding (even a little bit!), consider these common triggers and then schedule an appointment with Henderson NV dentist, Dr. Heeyup Ghim:

Brush and floss like you mean it!

The failure to remove bacterial plaque by brushing and flossing at least every 24 hours can quickly lead to the onset of gingivitis, an infection that is characterized by bleeding and swelling.

If it’s good for your body, then it’s good for your gums!

When you lack the necessary nutrients for your general health, such as fruits and vegetables, calcium, vitamins C and D, and magnesium, your oral health also suffers. In particular, the soft tissues that line your gums, cheeks, and tongue will begin to show the telltale signs of malnutrition and harmful inflammation (such as bleeding).

Another reason to quit smoking!

Chronic smoking can cause the gum tissue to become bigger and thicker than normal, in response to the toxins found in cigarettes. This rise in the inflammation of your tissues also elevates your risk for gum disease as well as cardiovascular disease.

Don’t stress about it!

The inflammatory response cause by stress and anxiety can impair your immune system, preventing it from fighting off gingivitis and other oral diseases. During times of chronic stress, your tender, bleeding gums will require extra attention.

Thanks Dad!

Your risk for gum disease could be influenced by a genetic marker found in your DNA. If gum disease is a common family diagnosis, be prepared to work a little harder to keep your gums healthy.

Lighten up!

Too much force when your teeth bite together can be detrimental to your gums. Whether the extreme forces are due to misaligned teeth or a chronic clenching habit, the trauma can cause receding gums, setting you up for the onset of gum disease.

Armed with this information, head to your cosmetic dentist in Henderson, NV today for a complete checkup and put an end to bleeding gums for good.