Ask a Henderson NV Dentist for a Mouthguard That You Won’t Hate

Cute boy playing soccerThere’s one thing that all dental accidents have in common—you never see them coming! One moment, you’re enjoying a game of pick-up basketball in the park, and the next moment, your buddy’s head hits your chin and you end up with a broken tooth. After all, it’s an accident.

You don’t expect to get hit or bumped in the mouth, but there are times when it’s likely to happen. Protecting yourself with a mouthguard is a smart move, and a Hendersonville NV dental office is the perfect place to shop for one.

Each year, lots of athletes, both children and adults, browse the aisles of the local sporting goods stores for a basic boil-and-bite mouthguard. However, these mouthpieces tend to become big, bulky distractions that are easy to leave in the gym bag. Some athletes report that these guards can cause a gag reflex, can shift around in the mouth, and can make it tough to breathe.

In most contact sports (and some non-contact sports) wearing a mouthguard should be as mandatory as wearing a seatbelt. It only takes a quick blow to the mouth or a hard jarring motion to make the bottom teeth collide with the top teeth with enough force to fracture a tooth or knock a tooth completely out of the socket!

The answer is simple: have a custom-made guard designed at the dentist’s office that will snap into place and resolve all of the limitations of a boil-and-bite product. The customized design promotes more comfort and better breathing without the bulkiness that makes some athletes want to gag.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all product that must be boiled in water and crudely molded around the teeth, a custom mouthguard is made based upon professional impressions of the athlete’s mouth which are sent to a local dental lab to be fabricated. In the dental office, the guard is polished and adjusted for a perfect fit.

For a protective athletic mouthguard that you can wear without a hassle, contact a dentist in Henderson NV for an appointment today.