5 Things That Make Your Henderson NV Dentist Cringe

You might turn to your Henderson NV dentist when you are in need of a cleaning or when a tooth needs to be fixed, but your dentist is also in the business of preventing oral health problems before they start. Some of these problems are unavoidable, but most can be prevented when you ditch these five common bad habits and replace them with choices that are more smile-friendly.

1) Obsessive Brushing – Good oral hygiene means brushing gently and thoroughly for two minutes twice a day and flossing once each day. Brushing very hard, using a hard toothbrush, or brushing more than a few times each day can destroy your enamel and gums while doing very little to actually improve your oral health. Keeping your teeth clean has more to do with great technique and less to do with excessive frequency.

2) Over-bleaching – Your dentist wants you to have a white smile that satisfies your personal preferences. Still, a natural-looking smile shouldn’t be whiter than the whites of your eyes. Touch-ups once or twice each year are acceptable, but bleaching more often can lead to sensitive gums and teeth.

3) Tongue-piercing – Even if the tongue has been pierced for years, there is still the potential for the stud to chip or break the teeth. If it rubs against the gums, there is also the chance that it will lead to an irreversible defect known as recession.

4) Clenching or Gritting – You may experience bone loss, receding gums, or cracked teeth thanks to a habit that may be occurring in your sleep. Once clenching and grinding has been diagnosed, failing to treat the problem can result in joint pain, headaches, and difficulty chewing.

5) Drugstore Dental Tools – Using the picks, probes, and mirrors that are sold in drugstores can lead to injuries and damaged teeth. It’s best to leave those tools to the experts and rely on thorough brushing and flossing for proper cleaning between dental appointments.

For more advice on correcting hazardous dental habits, schedule an appointment with a dentist in Henderson NV today.