10 Reasons to Ask a Henderson NV Dentist about Dental Implants Today

Senior Couple- Henderson NV DentistAs more and more dental patients have begun to appreciate the long-term value of good oral health, most are motivated to invest in optimal dental care whenever possible. Sometimes, the best solution for your oral health problems may also seem to be the priciest solution, as is typically the case with dental implants. But, as most Henderson NV dentists will tell you, the superior long-term success of an implant (compared to a conventional dental bridge) will prove that the dental implant is ultimately the most cost-effective option in modern dentistry.

Consider this common scenario: After losing a single tooth, your tooth replacement options will typically include a conventional bridge that is supported by two or more teeth or a single dental implant with a dental crown. When compared side-by-side in terms of longevity, the American Dental Association (ADA) has reported that a conventional bridge should last for approximately 10 years, while clinical studies of dental implants suggest a lifespan of more than 20 years.

While a long lifespan should certainly factor into your tooth replacement decision, it isn’t the only reason to choose dental implants. Here are 10 more enticing factors that could sway your decision towards dental implants:

  1. An improved quality of life
  2. Greater integrity and support for the facial features
  3. The closest possible resemblance to the natural anatomy
  4. No alteration or dependency on the adjacent teeth
  5. The function, appearance, and strength of natural teeth
  6. Added stability
  7. The return and renewal of your self-confidence
  8. Enhanced personal appearance
  9. Enhanced taste perception during meals
  10. More convenience and better access for brushing and flossing

Justifying the initial expense of dental implants becomes simpler when you calculate the long-term, cumulative benefits of dental implants versus other replacement alternatives. If you are a candidate for dental implants, you can expect to enjoy your new tooth for a lifetime, proving that you have made the most cost-effective choice.

Reach out to a dentist in Henderson NV today to learn more about your dental implant choices.